Dare We Compare? Part 2


So in Canada, the provinces are subordinate to the federal government when dealing with other countries. How is this similar to the EU?

The EU is made up of regional Member States, such as Spain, Portugal, France and Ireland and a central government, called the European Union.

Member States and Provinces are both regional governments. The federal government in Canada and the European Union in Europe are both central governments.

However, there is an important difference between the central and regional governments in Canada and Europe.

The central government of the EU only represents the member states in disputes involving foreign trade and fishing. The EU does not represent the regional member states in the UN Security Council | FR or in NATO | FR. In Canada, the central government resolves all disputes with other countries.

So, in the Turbot War, because a regional Member State of the EU, Spain, was involved in a fight over fishing rights with Canada, the EU had to resolve the dispute.

Check it out, Spain is not a member of NAFO, but the EU is a member.

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