Professor Edgar Matida, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’s new Chair effective July 1, 2024.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department officially announces its new Chair, Dr. Edgar Matida.  Dr. Matida has been a professor in Carleton University’s Mech & Aero Engineering Department since 2004, and more recently has served as the department’s Associate Chair of Undergraduate Policy & Planning.  July 1st, 2024 sees Professor Matida stepping into the role of Chair for the department after its current Chair, Ron Miller, steps down after eight years in the position.

Professor Matida studied at Sao Paulo University and earned his Ph.D. from Yokohama National University.  As well as serving as Associate Chair, Matida is a member of both the Editorial Board of the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, and the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM).

Matida’s research at Carleton University has focused on aerosol science and technology (aerosol characterization and deposition); nozzle sprays; dispersed two-phase random-walk models; dispersed two-phase impinging jets; large eddy simulation (LES); and laser-doppler velocimetry (LDV).  The applications of this research are found in pharmaceutical aerosols (pressurized metered dose inhalers) and add-on spacer devices; nasal drug delivery; diesel fuel characterization; airfoil-vortex interaction related to rotorcraft; aircraft icing; and airborne allergen dispersion.  More information about Matida’s research at Carleton University can be found at Carleton’s Aerosol Research Lab website.

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