Dear 4th Year Computer Science Students,

The next semester is rolling around, the Department of Philosophy is in need Teaching Assistants who can TA for PHIL 2001 Introduction to Symbolic Logic. We are asking any interested 4th year students who have performed well in PHIL 2001 in the past to apply to be an Outside Priority Teaching Assistant (OPTA). To find the application, go to Carleton Central, look at the “TA Management” tab, and then click on “TA Outside Priority Applications”. Please indicate in the application that you are a comp sci student who has taken PHIL 2001 in the past and you are interested in helping with teaching it. Please note an application to be an OPTA is not a guarantee you’ll receive the role. More information on OPTA positions and applications can be found here.

If you have questions about the application process or the Teaching Assistant position, please send them to our Graduate Administrator,



Nikki Gilroy, MA (She/Her)

Graduate Administrator

Department of Philosophy; Ethics and Public Affairs

Carleton University, 3A39 Paterson Hall