IMPORTANT: VPN Changes Beginning Fall 2023

Carleton’s Information Technology Services has decided that, beginning in Fall 2023, Carleton University students that need to use VPN will have to setup the Microsoft Azure MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for their student cmail account. The procedures to do this take a bit of time, so you should do this well in advance of needing VPN.
There are two ways to setup your Azure MFA access to use with VPN:

  1. Permanent Azure MFA VPN Setup:
    Using this method, you can permanently setup your Azure MFA and VPN access for your cmail account. This method is more time consuming as it requires you to speak to an ITS help desk representative to complete the Multi Factor setup. The instructions can be found here: Student Requiring VPN Access
  2. Course Linked Azure MFA VPN Setup:
    This method can be completed more quickly, as it is based on your membership in a course that requires VPN access. However, once that course ends, if you have no other courses that require VPN access, your VPN access will be revoked. The instructions can be found here: Students in Courses Requiring VPN

This most directly impacts students who are using the SCS Openstack, as the SCS Openstack can only be accessed via a Carleton network. So from home you are required to use VPN to access the SCS Openstack.