SCS OpenStack is an open-source cloud-computing software platform used by the School to support courses and research

How to get an Account on SCS OpenStack

There are a few different ways to qualify for an account on OpenStack:

  1. Course Requirement: If you are in a course that requires OpenStack, you will automatically be added when you Create or Update your SCS account at the beginning of your term. You can create or update your SCS account via the Online Account Management Link on the SCS Accounts Page
    NOTE: You must update your account every term to access OpenStack.
  2. Research Group: If your Graduate Research Group has access to OpenStack, then your Faculty member or a support staff can arrange for you to have access
  3. Other SCS Student Requests: We encourage users of our OpenStack! If you have an interesting research project (either graduate or undergraduate) that could benefit from the dynamic compute resources found in our OpenStack, we can consider your request. Simply find a faculty sponsor that is willing to take a look at your request and vouch for you having access. In particular, this has been helpful for a number of 4th Year Honours Projects.

How to access SCS OpenStack

Once you have an SCS OpenStack Account (see above), the service is accessed in two ways:

  1. Access via the Openstack Dashboard
    Initially access OpenStack via the web portal: OpenStack Dashboard – Horizon
    Through the web portal you can provision your OpenStack instances, and access their shell or desktop directly through a web based console viewer (VNC type viewer). The console is generally used for initial setup, emergencies, or if you need to interact with the boot-up sequence
  2. Access via Floating IP address
    Generally, you will use OpenStack resources via direct connections to your instances’ public Floating IP address using ssh (via putty,x2go,winscp or some other tool), or other services such as http/https (via a web browser)

SCS OpenStack can only be accessed from the Carleton University network. If you are working off-campus, you will need to VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to Carleton’s network. All Carleton students and employees can access the Carleton VPN using the following Carleton Remote Access VPN Instructions

OpenStack User Guides

  • General How-To Document: This How-To document provides some more detailed information on using the SCS OpenStack: OpenStack_Introduction_HowTo_2018-09-11.pdf
  • MPI User Guide: This User Guide provides details that will help with MPI programming and other multi-node Openstack applications: OpenStack_MPI_2018-09-18.pdf (This file provides sample code that can be used to test your MPI setup)

Additional information may be provided by your Faculty member or Instructor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the SCS technical support staff.

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