Photo of David Onowu

David Onowu

Umoja Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts – Honors Criminology and Criminal Justice (Carleton University – current)

David Onowu supports the Umoja program by curating media-rollout, and designing the branding for events, social media, and various other outlets. He also works largely to facilitate communication to the public through our newsletter and other mediums, all to support our goal of engaging with the local African, Caribbean, and Black community. 

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria 

Length of Time on Campus: 3 years 

Hobbies Outside Work: Photography, Music, Sleeping, Cooking 

Best Part of Being in Ottawa: It’s walkable. 

New Student Advice: University can be daunting, but you’ll find it’s not that bad and goes by way faster than you know. You won’t have it all figured out at first, so be patient and kind to yourself. It’s a new phase in your life to take the time to enjoy it, university isn’t only about books. Those are important, but if that’s all you focus on, you’ll burn out faster. Go out, try things and spaces, you’d be surprised how much is out there for you. Also, people in university are on your side more than you know, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek what you need. It may be a lot easier than you thought, and a lot more fun.