Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.

Swahili proverb: Little by little fills the container.

If words are drops of water, you can begin filling your Kiswahili container this winter.

This credit course is open to Carleton students and to members of the public.

Kiswahili is one of a number of Bantu languages spoken in areas of East and Central Africa. The language is a national or official language of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo, and an official working language of the African Union.

While Kiswahili is African in origin, it has been influenced over centuries by contact with Arabic, Persian, German, Portuguese, English, and French.

Five to ten million people speak Kiswahili as their native language but many more – as many as 100 million – people speak it as a language of daily life.

Email us to learn more at: kiswahili@carleton.ca

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