Recent PhD Graduate Dr. Olga Makinina was awarded the Graduate Student Open Access Award, sponsored by the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), the Library, and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA), for her article “Factors Impacting Recognition of False Collocations by Speakers of English as L1 and L2” published in TESL Canada Journal.

This fall, Dr. Makinina was also a presenter at the two leading conferences in Toronto. On November 1st, she discussed some of her research findings on semantic, morphosyntactic, and functional characteristics of collocations while presenting her paper “Counting Grains of Sand: Selecting Collocations for Teaching” at the 46th TESL Ontario Annual Conference.

Olga standing at a podium

Photo credit: Don Myles

On November 13th, Dr. Makinina attended the Technology Enabled Seminar + Showcase (TESS) 2018. In her presentation “Multimodality and Problem-Solving”, she shared her innovative approach to teaching inquiry-based writing in the English for Academic Purposes (ESLA) classes.

*Photo courtesy of Don Myles*

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