Amanda Juby in a parka with ice forming on her eyelids

My quality of life was and remains amazing. I have had the opportunity to explore who I am as a person and as a teacher. It has been an interesting journey, not always easy. My life has slowed down. I haven’t worn a watch in two almost three years. I am still working for the Kativik School Board but I am now working in curriculum development. My main projects include the construction of competency-based exams for the high school end-of-cycles (i.e. Grade 8 and Grade 11). In addition, I am working on constructing a competency-based Social Studies program. It is particularly challenging as it must be adapted to ESL, respect Inuit culture and traditions, and conform, to a certain extent, to the expectations of the MELS (Ministre de l’education du Loisir et du Sport). It is an interesting and motivating project.(This photo was taken at – 49° Celsius.)