David Cooper

Prior to starting my degree at Carleton in 2007, I had been teaching part-time in an EAP program. Over that time, my reflective practices became increasingly focused on questions regarding the teaching and learning process(s) occurring in my writing classes. I felt that my questions could best be solved through focused graduate studies. My search for the ideal program to fit my interests ended when I found the MA program at Carleton. I wanted to take the SLaLS’s MA in ALDS because of its structure and scope. The program allowed me to focus my learning through course work and a thesis in second language pedagogy and discourse studies.

During the two years of my studies at SLaLS, I learned a lot. My courses provided me with the content I wanted to discuss and understand. My professors became my mentors, supporting and challenging my ideas. They guided me through my learning, especially with my research projects and thesis. I not only found answers to some of my original queries but also developed the skills for how to continue the search on my own. Further, being a teaching assistant in the EAP program gave me the opportunity to collaborate on ideas and projects with classroom instructors. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my learning experience in the MA program.

I have gained a deeper theoretical understanding of both my classroom pedagogical practices and profession as a result of graduating from the MA program. Further, my degree has given me the credentials needed to attain a permanent teaching position in a college EAP program. Thank you to all of my amazing professors and everyone in SLaLS for such a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience!

(Last updated: October 10, 2012)