Don looks at cameraAfter spending almost 5 years teaching English in language schools and universities in Mexico and China, I decided to return to Carleton to continue my education and improve my teaching qualifications. I was nervous about entering the ALDS MA program as a returning mature student after more than two decades away from school, but I should not have worried. I was treated wonderfully by the entire SLALS community at Carleton University and they continue to exceed my expectations both in my role as a student and as a colleague. Their support and generosity have played an important role in my success and enjoyment of my time at Carleton. The MA degree was a great balance of theory and practicality, and the experience continues to help inform my pedagogy to this day. In various courses, I gained experience with different research methodologies that could take my future beyond teaching. I entered the program with a focus on second language teaching and was introduced to the field of genre studies. My thesis combined these two complementary interests. While completing my MA, I accepted a position as a contract instructor teaching EAP at Carleton. I am confident I gained the position due to my experiences at Carleton, including my time as a TA. I continue to teach at Carleton and I love being a member of this wonderful educational community. I recognize that I would not be teaching here without my Masters. This degree has opened many new opportunities for me and has provided a solid foundation upon which to build my future. What I have learned in this MA program and in other courses and certificates still influences my own teaching and my continued professional development. With the help of the faculty and my supervisor Dr. Natasha Artemeva, I completed my thesis, presented the findings at a major international conference (SSLW 2014), and co-wrote a book chapter. My MA will certainly be the key that opens doors in my future.

(Last updated: 28 September, 2015)