Sebastien Cloutier

When I left my EFL teaching job in Japan to come do my Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies at Carleton University, my plan was to upgrade my education and qualifications in order to secure a teaching job at a university in Japan. However, as soon as I graduated with my degree I was immediately contacted and offered a position to teach English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at Carleton University. This represented an amazing opportunity for me to get my foot in the door, as they say, and get experience teaching at the tertiary level. So of course, I accepted the offer. After two semesters teaching at Carleton, I find myself once again at a junction. This morning I was offered a position to teach at a university in Japan. So in under less than three years, my goal has been realized. At the end of April I’ll be making my way back to Japan and using best teaching practices I learned in my program at Carleton to give my students an edge as they learn English. I’m very grateful of all the doors that have become open to me as a result of my degree in applied linguistics and discourse studies from Carleton University.

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(Last updated: April 14, 2015)