Taelor in front of trees filled with pink cherry blossoms

After obtaining a Joint Honours in Psychology and in Linguistics BA from the University of Ottawa, I decided to pursue graduate studies at Carleton. I chose the MA in ALDS, which allowed me to draw upon and consolidate my theoretical linguistic background at the graduate level while concurrently expanding on this knowledge in a new direction. The degree proved to be instrumental in deepening my understanding of language acquisition from various perspectives, as well as developing my critical thinking, reflection, and writing skills. In addition to completing engaging coursework in varied areas of interest, I obtained my TESL certification and wrote a research paper examining the role of formulaic language in the treatment of aphasia, for which I received the 2016-2017 Director’s Award for Outstanding Research Essay. I was immensely touched for my work to be recognised in this way and grateful to have the opportunity to conduct research on a topic that synthesised my interest in acquired communication disorders and an area of second language acquisition that my supervisor, Dr. David Wood, was an authority on.

Following attainment of my MA in ALDS degree in December 2016, I re-located to Sydney, Australia in February 2017 to commence a second master’s degree in speech-language pathology at Macquarie University. My Carleton degree strengthened my candidacy for admission into this highly competitive program and prepared me to excel in any discipline. The skills I acquired and refined during my time at Carleton have facilitated strong clinical reasoning and competence as a student clinician. I will graduate from the MSLP in November 2018 and return to Canada to practice as a speech-language pathologist. My MA in ALDS degree bolstered my knowledge and in turn my confidence as a soon to be practising clinician. My ALDS master’s degree also allows for future opportunities in research and education and broadens potential career paths/directions within speech-language pathology.

(Last updated: 22 August, 2018)