I spent two wonderful years at Carleton. What I learned and what I did research on while in SLALS contributed significantly to my subsequent doctoral research. This research was mostly centered on identities of cross-cultural individuals: academic writers, professional writers, and international students. After I graduated from Queen’s, I started to write a TESL textbook with two colleagues. The idea occurred when I was a graduate teaching fellow at Queen’s and I couldn’t find a suitable Canadian oriented textbook for my class. The book will be published by Oxford in 2011. Since moving to Newfoundland, I have become interested in the ESL and immigrant support programs at schools and in local communities. Today, part of my job is to develop B.Ed. and graduate courses for our new ESOL/TEFL program at the Faculty of Education. I would say my experience at Carleton was the first step toward my professional life in Canada.

(Last updated: 10 November, 2010)