Ruth Kennedy headshotThe Master of Arts (ALDS) has helped me to advance in my career in the federal public service. I have held leadership positions in the area of workplace learning and am currently building an orientation program for new managers which will focus on relational skills. My time at Carleton helped to strengthen my research, thinking and writing skills, as well as new insights into my work.

My research paper for my MA reviewed the literature on Evaluation and Appraisal Theory, visual grammar, and colour as systems of resources which realize the interpersonal metafunction of language and visual images. The pilot study I conducted looked at potential visual appraisal resources though an analysis of children’s picture books. I appreciated the freedom to explore that I was allowed for my research paper. I was able to combine my academic interest in language and my personal interest and studies in visual arts and colour theory.

I continue to be an avid oil painter in my spare time, and have recently tried my hand at spiritual memoir writing.