Carleton was well represented at two international conferences in September. At SLRF 2019 at Michigan State University from September 20th to 22nd, graduate students Fatima Ady (Exploring underlying elements of the motivational self system among learners in two instructional contexts) and Neil Lapierre, (A multi-step analysis process for curriculum design for a workplace language training project), with our MA alumni Alexis Dominguez Ochoa, gave poster presentations with Eva Kartchava and Michael Rodgers. Both of these were part of the RNWL research initiative focus on workplace langue training. Julian Heidt presented a paper entitled Lexical level up: The potential for vocabulary learning through video games with his supervisor Michael Rodgers. At the much closer, EducLang 2019 conference at the University of Ottawa from September 26th to 28th, Fatima (and her supervisors) presented the same talk again this time in her first full presentation format. MA student Abdizalon Mohamed presented a study entitled Investigation of EAP teachers’ use and perceptions of gestures in corrective feedback episodes with his supervisor Eva Kartchava, and PhD student Gillian McLellan presented (with her supervisors) her work with the RENWL initiative entitled Technology mediated workplace language training: Developing and assessing a module for a blended curriculum for newcomers. All the participants were super pleased with how their presentations were received and enjoyed the collegial atmosphere of these esteemed conferences.