Areej smiles for the camera

My interest in the applied linguistics and discourse studies MA program in Carleton University originally derived from my passion in linguistics and second language acquisition. However, the different courses I took in curriculum development and teacher training introduced me to a whole other dimension of discourse studies that I got so fascinated about.

I’m now continuing my Ph.D. in education with a concentration on leadership, evaluation, curriculum, and policy studies. Today, I received the news that I won the SSHRC Insight Development Grant and that my project will be funded for the next two years. In important days, like this one, we tend to remember the beginning of the road that led us to where we are standing now. If it wasn’t for Professor Geoffrey Pinchbeck and Professor Janna Fox’s support from the very beginning, I would have never been where I am today. Thus, I’m forever grateful for their faith in me.

Areas of Interest:

  • curriculum development
  • teacher training
  • international large-scale assessment
  • data-based decision-making