Fall 2023 & Winter 2024

This page lists course delivery information for many of the courses offered by the School.  The objective of the page is to give students an idea about how an online course section is offered (eg how much time they are expected to be online during the course’s scheduled timeslot).  It is intended to assist students in selecting a course that best matches their needs/preferences.  More comprehensive details will be made available in the course outline and by instructors on the first day of classes.

Please Note: Courses may be offered in-person on campus, online, or a combination of the two.  For a definition of the different Course Delivery Types, please see the Registrar’s Office website. Check for course specific details below.  Less detailed course delivery information, and a link to the definitions, is also available in the Public Class Schedule and Carleton Central under ‘Section Information’.

Most SLaLS courses are being offered IN-PERSON (on campus).  For those being offered ONLINE please note that your webcam/computer camera is REQUIRED to be ON during the course’s online classes. The following is the policy approved by the Dean’s Office (see your course outline for more information):

Students are required to use their Webcam/computer camera during online synchronous ESLA, CCDP, and Modern Language classes. Students may lose participation points if they refuse to turn their camera on while classes are not recorded (some exceptions apply). Exceptions:

    • Infrequent – technical or health issues (which may be communicated to the instructor in a private chat message at the beginning of the class)
    • Permanent – personal reasons, when prior consent is obtained from the instructor at the beginning of the course

The following information is subject to change.