[This form is intended for students who have not satisfied their ESL Requirements (ESLR) within 1 year.]

Students admitted with English as a Second Language Requirements (ESLR) are given ONE year to satisfy the ESLR.  After the one year period has passed, if they have NOT satisfied the ESLR, their access to registration, in ESLA courses and all university courses, is denied and their studies STOP. 

Students wishing to continue their studies must either:


  • Receive an automatic ESLR Period Extension (Note: During their first year of study, eligible students must receive an ESLA final grade high enough to advance to the next level of ESLA. All students will be reviewed for eligibility and will automatically receive an extension if eligible).


  • Request and be granted an Exceptional ESLR Period Extension (if not eligible for an automatic extension).

Who should submit a request for an Exceptional ESLR Period Extension:

  • If you answer NO to BOTH of the following questions, please submit a request:
    • Is your ESLR Period Deadline still active (view your ADMINISTRATIVE HOLDS in Carleton Central)?
    • Did you successfully complete ONE ESLA course level during your first year of study to make you eligible for an automatic ESLR Period Extension (Note: Jumping levels through testing does not count)?
  • If you have any of the following, please submit a request:
    • Already been granted an ESLR Period Extension or Exceptional Extension but did not receive an ESLA final grade high enough to move up a course level.
    • Let your extension expire unused.
    • Have taken a break in study of 3 or more terms.

Please note:

  • Forms must be received no later than one (1) week before the start of classes.
  • If granted, you would be eligible for a one-term extension to study ESLA.
  • Your previous ESLA attempts/grades, breaks in study, plagiarism, attendance issues, and special circumstances will be considered.
  • If you have been away from studies for three (3) terms or longer, for your request to be considered, you must complete and submit a new, official, English language test result, see Section 4, Option 2, in the calendar’s ESLR entry.

Exceptional ESLR Extensions are reviewed by the School of Linguistics and Language Studies (SLaLS).  Questions about the process should be sent to credit.esla@carleton.ca.  After the return to campus, questions can be asked in person at 358 St. Patrick’s Building or by phone at 613 520-6612.