Photo of Mike Barker

Mike Barker

CALL Consulting Analyst

Degrees:BSF (UBC), BEd (UBC), MA in Applied Language Studies (Carleton), TESL Ontario Certificate
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8245
Office:SP 345

I play a number of roles in the School of Linguistics & Language Studies.  My primary responsibility is to provide technical support to modern language and academic ESL instructors in their use of technology to complement and enhance their classes.

I am also the frontline support for the two language labs (SP 332 & SP 349) and coordinate activities and conversation groups in the Language Learning Resource Centre (LLRC).  The latter are run by a large group of awesome student volunteers while day-to-day operation of the Centre is the responsibility of a team of Work Study students whom I manage.

I am a passionate advocate of extracurricular language learning and, together with our LLRC Reception Team, ensure that our Facebook page and bulletin board keep students up-to-date on language/culture related activities (and learning opportunities) happening on campus and in the wider Ottawa community.  This passion extends to our annual Linguavision Song Competition, an event now into its 6th year, that encourages Carleton language learners to sing in the language they are learning in front of an audience and a panel of language and musical judges.

Lastly, on the administration front, I manage the School website, create language lab schedules, and coordinate with the FASS Computing to ensure all lab computers are stable and up-to-date for student use.

Current Challenges

In addition to my daily work, I am also working on:

  • Pushing the limits of the Moodle CMS to create, advocate for, and foster the creation of meaningful language learning activities and experiences for students.
  • Reimagining the Language Learning Resource Centre in a digital age: how to continue to make physical books and physical space relevant to learners in an age of mobile devices, social media, virtual space, and the Internet.
  • Filming, editing, and making accessible a collection of video clips of authentic native speakers speaking on topics that are relevant to instructors’ curricula.


  • Teaching & Learning Council – Learning Spaces Action Team

Professional Memberships

  • TESL Ontario (TESL Ontario certified and hold advanced certifications as: Theory Instructor, Methodology Instructor, and PTCT Instructor in Educational Technology)