Photo of Brittany Botti-Amell

Brittany Botti-Amell

Current Program: PhD in ALDS

Supervisor: Dr. Guillaume Gentil

I find myself endlessly fascinated by the ideas we hold about writing, and the implications they have for us as individuals, communities, and as a society. There are no less than eleventy thousand possible directions this fascination can take me. Currently, however, I’m querying how doctoral dissertations are imagined and how they might be (re)imagined. My theoretical sensibilities include critical academic literacies, sociorhetorical theories of writing, emotional geographies, and queer theories of affect). As a researcher and life-long learner, I tend to gravitate towards work that exposes whiteness, (settler-)colonialism, and other taken-for-granted normativities, particularly in academic settings. I thoroughly enjoy bringing what I learn about theorizing and studying writing into the classroom, and my research informs my pedagogical praxis.

Area(s) of Interest:

  • academic writing
  • doctoral writing
  • research development & communication
  • print cultures