Photo of Chloë Grace Fogarty-Bourget

Chloë Grace Fogarty-Bourget

Instructor II (Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies)

Degrees: B.A. (Highest Honours); M.A. (Distinction); Ph.D. Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies (Carleton University); CTESL; Certificate in University Teaching (Carleton University)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8373
Office:264 Paterson Hall


My research is dedicated to multimodal discourses, including gesture, movement, facial display, spatial orientation, image, and sound as well as speech and writing. My PhD research focused on the roles of instructors’ multimodal strategies in student engagement. My research draws on Genre Studies (including research projects on suicide notes and university mathematics lecturing) and the use of gesture in teaching. My research interests include multimodal theory, genre and writing studies, and social interaction including sociolinguistics and pragmatics. I teach undergraduate ALDS courses on written and oral language analysis, discourse analysis, and writing studies.

Research Interests

  • Multimodality and Multimodal Analysis
  • Non-literary Genre Studies (Rhetorical Genre Theory; English for Specific Purposes)
  • Social Interaction and Gesture Studies
  • Writing Studies (Academic and Professional)
  • Socio-cultural Theories of Learning
  • Student Engagement and University Teaching


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Courses Previously Taught

  • ALDS 1001: Language Matters: An Introduction to Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies
  • ALDS 2201: Analysis of Oral Language
  • ALDS 2202: Analysis of Written Language
  • ALDS 3706: Discourse Analysis
  • ALDS 3401/ENGL 3908: Research & Theory in Academic Writing
  • ALDS 3402/ENGL 3909: Research & Theory in Workplace Writing