Photo of Hamideh Poshtvan

Hamideh Poshtvan

Current Program: PhD in LING

To make a long story short, my love for the languages of Iran, specifically, my heritage language, Gilaki brought me to CU as the very first cohort of the newly established programme (Linguistics, Language Documentation and Revitalization) to grow my knowledge of the field. Among many other dedicated and amazing individuals here in CU and outside of it, I am collaborating on a project entitled ALI –Atlas of Languages of Iran. As part of my Ph.D. thesis, I am going to research into languages of Gilan Province, in particular, Gilaki and its varieties. At present, I am doing language distribution estimates in the region along with fieldwork for language data collection.

The CU community -the faculty members, staff, my supervisor (Prof. Erik Anonby), and the professors I have had courses with- are simply wonderful. I have enjoyed every single moment of my life at CU.

Areas of Interest:

  • languages of Iran
  • language documentation and revitalization
  • language mapping
  • linguistic diversity