Photo of Juwaeriah Siddiqui

Juwaeriah Siddiqui

Current Program: PhD in ALDS

Juwaeriah Siddiqui is a 2nd year doctoral student in Applied Linguistics at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Her research focus is understanding the motivation and challenges in Arabic Language acquisition among non-native speakers of Arabic. Having completed her master’s in systems science engineering from University of Ottawa, Canada, she is currently working on combining concepts from dynamics systems theory and second language learning to understand complexities in language development. She is currently working on exploring the learning experience of non-native speakers of Arabic and how this impacts their Arabic learning attitude. In the future, she intends to draw parallels between the current acquisition techniques employed to teach English to non-native speakers in Canada and apply it to improve Arabic language acquisition. Her research domain includes second language acquisition, complexity theory and learning experience.

Area(s) of Interest:

  • second language motivation
  • Arabic
  • learning experience