Our Outstanding Host Teachers

Our Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL) and MA ALDS TESL stream are accredited by TESL Ontario. Therefore, the students are required to intern in two ESL classes over the year to gain experience in different English classes, observe experienced teachers in action, practice teaching under their supervision, and receive professional feedback and advice.

Our outstanding ESL Host Teachers offer a wide range of ESL class placements across diverse contexts. This exposure allows our students to gain practical experience and adaptability. Host teachers are crucial in a TESL training program, bridging theory and practice and providing invaluable mentorship and real-world insights. Their guidance is essential for shaping future ESL educators. Our programs would not run without the generosity of these host teachers!

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Amazing Ottawa ESL Community!

Dear ESL Host Teachers,

On behalf of Carleton University’s TESL program, we want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all the almost 200 incredible host teachers and more than a dozen hosting institutions who have collaborated with us over the years. Your unwavering dedication to education and invaluable support have positively influenced the development of countless student teachers.

Your willingness to open your classrooms and hearts to our TESL students has provided them with invaluable real-world teaching experiences. By taking in our aspiring teachers, you have helped them grow professionally and contributed to the broader TESL community in ways beyond measure.

Your commitment to giving back to your TESL community is truly inspiring. Your generosity, guidance, mentorship, and nurturing environments have empowered our students to become confident, skilled, and empathetic educators. Through your selfless contributions, you are shaping the future of English language teaching, making it richer and more inclusive.

The partnership between Carleton University and our hosting institutions and host teachers has been instrumental in creating a positive and constructive learning experience for our students. Your support has helped bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing our students to witness the beauty of teaching in action.

As we look back on the journey so far, we are filled with immense pride and joy in witnessing the growth of our students, thanks to the generosity of the Ottawa ESL community. Your impact goes far beyond the classroom; it leaves a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of our future educators.

Once again, thank you so much for your dedication and service to the Ottawa TESL community. Your partnership is invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this incredible journey of learning and growth together.

Carleton University’s TESL Faculty

Host Teacher Hall of Fame

A special recognition of teachers who have hosted multiple TESL interns:

30+ TESL Interns silhouette Glynis Saylor
“With a 23-year career teaching English to newcomers in Canada, I have taught all levels of English to students from all corners of the world and all walks of life, and always in the context of individuals looking to build a new life here in Canada. Currently, I teach Canadian workplace language and culture with the OCDSB. When you join my class as a TESL intern, you will begin as you intend to continue by listening, then teaching and always reflecting. Being an ESL Instructor for newcomers is fulfilling, even if it does not bring in a lot of money; it is about making a meaningful daily impact on someone’s life.”
20-29 TESL Interns

silhouette Michele Merkley
Alizon Thuot Alizon Thuot
“I always enjoy hosting Carleton Interns because of the fresh energy and enthusiasm they bring to my Literacy classroom. Their countless contributions over the years have been valued and my students look forward to working with them and hearing their kind words of encouragement. We all have benefited from the presence of interns in our class and it has been much appreciated. The mentoring of Carleton interns has shown me that ESL learners are in good hands and the future is bright.”
10-19 TESL Interns Angie De Castro, Valerie Hall, Peggy Hartwick, Estelle Lalande, Marlene Lundy, Colin MacLean, John Mahony, and Agatha Shantz.
5-9 TESL Interns Ibtisaam Abboud, Waseem Almazloum, Judit Barbocz, Aparna Chandrasekaran, Donna Cowley, Denise Delle Palme, Sharon Deng, Melanie Denis, Anjali Divi, Andrea Dowdall, Deborah Fournier, Diane Fraser, Laurie Fraser, Karen Hilderman, Catherine Hodgins, Joanne Hogeveen, Norah Holliday, Angela Hood, Rhonda Kornberger, Heather Lee, Yana Lysiak, Julie McCarroll, Danita Midena, Mike Murphy, Don Myles, June Myles, Rhonda Newhook, Shaun Phillips, Cindy Samulack, Linda Simmonds and Nafisa Zurmati

We hope that we have not missed any of our deserving teachers. If we have not included you or made an error in the number of interns, please reach out to the Coordinator, Dr. Brian Strong.

If you are teaching an ESL class in the Ottawa area and would like to learn more about our TESL program and the duties of a TESL Host Teacher, please click the link below.

Host a TESL Intern

Our Community Partners

A special recognition of institutions that have hosted our TESL interns:

We hope that we have not missed any of our deserving hosting institutions. If your institution has hosted a Carleton University TESL intern in the past and you would like to be recognized on this page, please reach out to the Coordinator, Dr. Brian Strong.