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Course Design Fundamentals consists of five workshops appropriate for Carleton instructors wishing to cultivate essential course design strategies, regardless of years of experience, teaching modality, or class size. This program is designed to help you receive formal recognition while you revisit the foundational principles of course design and delivery that will translate into deeper, more effective teaching and learning experiences. 

The program is designed to be a flexible series of five workshops that you can take in any order. There are four required workshops and one elective. Most workshops, facilitated by the TLS team, are offered every term; check out our Events page for more information on dates/times for specific workshops. The CDF experience culminates with a guided reflection that centres on your takeaways and plans to make changes to your teaching practice. 

Participants who complete this program will be able to: 

  • Plan and design fundamental learning experiences 
  • Explain and apply the process of aligning fundamental course elements
  • Distinguish between types of assessment on the basis of their purpose and place in learning 
  • Apply principles of cognitive theory of multimedia learning when teaching with a variety of media 
  • Describe effective strategies for fostering active learning 

How to Complete the Program

To complete the program, you will: 

  1. Enrol by completing the form below. 
  2. Attend and participate in four foundational workshops (“Learning Outcomes: Blueprints for Course Design,” “Designing Learning from Scratch,” “Assessment Fundamentals,” and “Learning Effectively with Multimedia”) 
  3. Attend and participate in one session of your choice (“Incorporating Activities into Smaller Lecture Classes” or “Incorporating Activities into Large Lecture Classes” or “Incorporating Effective Online Activities into Your Course”) 
  4. Submit your reflection on the experience and submit it via the Brightspace page for the program. 

Participants can complete these workshops in any order, and on any timeline that suits their schedules. For those looking for a more intensive experience, we sometimes offer the workshops in consecutive order. 

Instructors who complete the CDF program’s requirements will earn an official Letter of Completion for inclusion in their teaching dossiers, confirming that they have participated in 15 hours of workshops dedicated to pedagogical development. 

Required Workshops 

Optional Workshops – Choose One 

Instructor Testimonials

“The journey through these (CDF) workshops has been transformative, reshaping my educational approach in profound ways. The insights I’ve gained have not only helped me become a better educator but have also changed how I think about teaching effectively. As I step into each classroom, I am prepared with strategies that empower students to become active participants in their learning journey.”

“I can’t stress enough how enormously helpful each of the workshops were. I gained so many great ideas and concrete suggestions on how to make my classes better for my students, and even easier for myself as an instructor!”

“I have learned so much in this program, so I would like to focus on putting everything into practice before diving into additional training in pedagogical theories and methods. Thank you to the [TLS] staff for organizing such effective online workshops!”

“Overall, I think the workshops were absolutely invaluable for: a) reinforcing some of the basic but essential aspects of course design and implementation, b) identifying for me some of the key research and high-impact practices in pedagogy, c) affording me the opportunity to try out several of the ideas and strategies in collaboration with the facilitators and colleagues with whom we form an inspiring learning community here at Carleton.”

Enroll in CDF

Please fill out the form below to enroll in CDF and join the Brightspace page for the program.