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Community Service-Learning (CSL) is a method of experiential, hands-on learning that emphasizes action, reflection and real-world engagement. Much more than just volunteerism, CSL supports students in the development of new skills and civic citizenship through combining community work and classroom learning.

How Can Students Participate?

There are several ways to get involved and be part of the impact! Whether it is at an international level, throughout the community, or even on campus, Carleton University has an opportunity for each student to participate in community service-learning initiatives. See what opportunities are available below.  You can also read about students’ experiences with CSL programs on the Learning Log!

Alternative Spring Break

ASB is a unique opportunity to participate in an immersive service-learning project. This year-long program includes pre-departures, workshops and reflection activities and culminates in a full week of local, national, or international service. This is not your average spring break!

Carleton Serves

Carleton Serves is an opportunity to join 100 Carleton students in gaining new skills and insights into community and social responsibility by volunteering across the city on a variety of service projects during this one-day, annual event in September.

Days of Service

Days of Service are one day volunteer sessions for students who are just starting out, students who are unable to commit to regular service, and anybody looking for new experiences and the opportunity to work with community organizations.

Volunteer Bureau

Carleton’s Volunteer Bureau is our online hub for volunteer opportunities in the greater Ottawa area.

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Partner With Carleton

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with Carleton for one of our community service-learning initiatives, please complete our Partner Request Form, which can be found here.

Why Should Students Participate in CSL?

Not everything students learn at university will happen in the classroom. Participating in Carleton’s CSL programs allows students to take that extra step toward a well-rounded university experience. Here are some of the things you can expect from Carleton’s CSL opportunities:

  • A unique opportunity to use what was taught in class in a real-world setting. It gives relevance to what students learn in the classroom, which boosts future academic performance.
  • Experience an increased cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity. Through completing reflection exercises and working alongside our community partners, students learn to see problems and how to solve them from a different point of view that they might not have otherwise had access to.
  • A great chance for students to network and build relationships. Whether it is with Carleton’s community partners, other students or faculty members, being part of the CSL impact allows students to make professional connections that can serve them down the road.