The BGInS Passport to Professional Readiness is an exciting new professional development program designed uniquely for BGInS students in their second year and above.

The program offers registered students access to a range of activities aimed at equipping them with the essential skills, career connections, and professional awareness they need to succeed after BGInS.

Drawing on partners in government, the not-for-profit sector, international arenas, and business, activities are led by passionate practitioners engaged in global and international work. Though activities will change annually, this year’s program includes topics such as Writing for the Workforce, Collaborating Across Difference in a Diverse, Intergenerational Workplace, and Job Searching in an International Context.

The Passport Program is available at no additional cost to students and is intended to complement key features of the BGInS degree Program, such as the International Experience Requirement. To learn more about the Passport to Professional Readiness, please write to us at