Choosing an Option: Duration

You may choose an IER option with the following duration:

  • 3 Weeks: Available Early Summer term only
  • 6 Weeks: Available Early Summer term only
  • 1 Academic Term: Available all terms
  • 2 Academic Terms: Available Fall/Winter
  • 1 Year: Applies to GPOL 3100 only
International Exchange

One academic term: Fall or Winter

Two academic terms: Fall/Winter

Not available Summer

International Placement:

GINS 3900

One academic term: Early or Late Summer

GINS 3901

Two academic terms: Full Summer

GPOL 3100

One year: Winter Term course registration, with course work during preceding Summer and Fall terms

Letter of Permission

One term: Available all terms

GINS 3200 Experiential Learning Abroad

Six weeks: Offered Early Summer Term only as a 6 week course, including 2 week field trip

Carleton Course Taught Abroad

Three weeks: Intensive field trip, offered Early Summer Term only

GINS 3100 Global and International Group Project

One term: Available Winter term only