Course outlines Fall 2019

Linked below are the official course outlines for GINS courses.

We aim to post updated syllabi that have room changes for lectures and/or tutorials as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to check Carleton Central for final confirmation of room locations, should there be discrepancies between the outlines here and on Carleton Central.

GINS 1000 Global History C. Sobers
GINS 1010 International Law and Politics J. Ramasubramanyam
GINS 1020 Ethnography, Globalization and Culture L. Cochrane
GINS 1100 Global Development P. Heidrich
GINS 2000 Ethics and Globalization M. Steckley
GINS 2010 Globalization and International Economic Issues P. Heidrich
GINS 2020 Global Literatures M.C. Allard
GINS 3010 Global and International Theory S. Saideman
GINS 3020 Places, Boundaries, Movements and Global Environmental Change R. Behringer
GINS 4090 A Evaluation of Projects and Programs L. Cochrane
GINS 4090 B Democracy in the Middle East M. Petrou
GINS 4090 D Globalization and Food M.Steckley

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