Linked below are the official course outlines for GINS courses.

GINS 1000 A Introduction to Global and International History C. Sobers
GINS 1010 A International Law and Politics S. Burges
GINS 1020 A Ethnography, Globalization and Culture S. Fahy
GINS 2000 A Ethics and Globalization H. Bashir
GINS 2010 A Globalization and International Economic Issues S. Burges
GINS 2020 A Global Literatures J. Coleman
GINS 3010 A Global and International Theory I. Abu-Hajiar
GINS 3020 A Places, Boundaries, Movements and Environmental Change M. Steckley
GINS 3900/3901 International Placement S. Burges
GINS 3930/3931 CU International Placement S. Burges
GINS 4090 B Beyond 2030: Sustainable Development Goals and International Assistance Relations I. Sahas Martin
GINS 4090 C Frontiers of Emotional Diplomacy E. Van Rythoven
GINS 4090 E New Dynamics in the Middle East and Rising Role of China I. Abu-Hajiar