Sample First Year: Global Development

Core Courses Language* Specialization/Stream Electives** Total
GINS 1000 (0.5 credit): Global History 1.0 credit GINS 1100 (0.5 credits): Introduction to Global Development 0.5  credits 5.0 credits
GINS 1010 (0.5 credit): International Law and Politics ANTH 1001 (0.5 credits): Introduction to Anthropology  OR ANTH 1002 (0.5 credits): Introduction to Issues in Anthropology
GINS 1020 (0.5 credit): Ethnography, Globalization and Culture ECON 1001 (0.5 credit) : Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics AND       ECON 1002 (0.5 credit) : Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics                 OR FYSM 1003 (1.0credit): Introduction to Economics
GINS 1300
(0.0 credit)
International Experience Requirement Preparation

Students who are applying for the language requirement exemption should take an additional 1.0 credit in elective courses instead.

** Students are strongly encouraged to take a First Year Seminar (FYSM), though it is not mandatory.