What is an International Internship?

An international internship is an opportunity to work internationally for academic credit, and is typically unpaid. Completing an international internship is an excellent way to gain real-world work experience, develop contacts in your field and build your resume to market yourself for future career opportunities.

Placement details are as follows:

  • Placements take place during the fall, winter and summer terms
  • Placements are between 6 and 12 weeks, and equivalent to full-time work (35 hours per week)
  • Positions are unpaid, but students receive academic credit as part of their internship (Course: GINS 3900 is 0.5 credit for a 6-week internship, GINS 3901 is 1.0 credit for a 12-week internship)

Please link here for additional information.


Please contact international.internships@carleton.ca to find out more!