The Graduate Job Requisition System tool was launched last term on Carleton Central to facilitate the creation of casual research assistant payments to Graduate Students.HR would like to thank everyone for all of the feedback they have received thus far! They are currently working on improvements to the tool with ITS and the Business Office to ensure a great staff experience for  graduate students. Please keep sending your comments and suggestions, and stay tuned for updates.

Types of Payments

This system can be used to setup Type A or Type B Graduate Payments for a particular term.

Type A stipends are non-taxable payments meant for a student who is registered in a graduate program and is actively involved in the research of a faculty member in their related area of study.

Type B salaries are paid when an employer/employee relationship exists and a quantifiable amount of work has been performed.  These payments are subject to statutory deductions and 4% vacation pay.

See HR’s FAQ page for a more detailed definition on the differences between these two types of payments.

Payroll Deadlines

In order for a research assistant to be paid on the final pay in September (first available pay for the term), the requisition must be accepted by the student by September 15th.

Other Important things to Note

Students must be registered in a graduate program during a given term in order to be paid for their concurrent research assistant position. If a faculty member has a research payment to be made for a non-graduate student, they must submit a Payroll Profile to Research Accounting.

If you are intending to assign your funding to pay your tuition fees, you must do so by August 25 in order to avoid a late fee.

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