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Course Term Instructor
PSYC 3000 A : Advanced Design & Analysis Fall-Winter Whelan, Deanna
PSYC 3000 B : Advanced Design & Analysis Fall-Winter Whelan, Deanna
PSYC 3000 C : Advanced Design & Analysis Fall-Winter Leth-Steensen, Craig
PSYC 3000 D : Advanced Design & Analysis Fall-Winter Jorgenson, Cecilia
PSYC 3000 E : Advanced Design & Analysis Fall-Winter Jorgenson, Cecilia
PSYC 3001 A : Psychological Testing Fall Whelan, Deanna
PSYC 3001 B : Psychological TestingĀ  Winter Whelan, Deanna
PSYC 3100 A : Social Psychology Seminar Fall-Winter Danyluck, Chad
PSYC 3106 A: Close Relationships Winter Harasymchuk, Cheryl
PSYC 3300 A : Health and Illness Seminar Fall-Winter Burns, Rachel
PSYC 3301 R : Sport & Performance Psychology Winter Sorley, Matthew
PSYC 3302 A : Positive Psychology Fall Zelenski, John
PSYC 3302 B : Positive Psychology Winter Thake, Jennifer
PSYC 3307 B: Human Neuropsychology II Winter Tansley, Brian
PSYC 3400 A : Forensic Psychology Seminar Fall-Winter Bennell, Craig
PSYC 3400 B : Forensic Psychology Seminar Fall-Winter Nunes, Kevin
PSYC 3402 B : Criminal Behaviour Winter Mailloux, Donna
PSYC 3402 D : Criminal Behaviour Fall Serin, Ralph
PSYC 3402 R : Criminal Behaviour Fall Brown, Shelley
PSYC 3402 R: Criminal Behaviour Winter Brown, Shelley
PSYC 3403 A : Addiction Fall Ahuja, Tarry
PSYC 3403 B : Addiction Winter Ahuja, Tarry
PSYC 3500 A : Developmental Seminar Fall-Winter Coplan, Robert
PSYC 3505 A : Exceptional Children Fall Menard, Lisa
PSYC 3505 B: Exceptional Children Winter Senechal, Monique
PSYC 3506 A : Cognitive Development Winter Kamawar, Deepthi
PSYC 3507 B : Social DevelopmentĀ  Winter Bezo, Brent
PSYC 3508 L : Child Language Fall Jesney, Karen
PSYC 3508 P : Child Language Winter
PSYC 3509 A : Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood Fall Ooi, Laura
PSYC 3509 B – Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood Winter Menard, Lisa-Marie
PSYC 3600 A : Personality Seminar Fall-Winter Zelenski, John
PSYC 3603 A: Psychology of Women Fall Cooper, Suzanne
PSYC 3603 B: Psychology of Women Winter Cooper, Suzanne
PSYC 3604 A : Clinical Psychology and Mental Illness Fall Tabri, Nassim
PSYC 3604 B : Clinical Psychology and Mental Illness Winter Tabri, Nassim
PSYC 3604 C : Clinical Psychology and Mental Illness Fall Tabri, Nassim
PSYC 3700 A : Cognition Seminar Fall-Winter Lacroix, Guy
PSYC 3702 A : Perception Fall Tansley, Brian
PSYC 3709 L : Language Proc. & the Brain Winter Hirotani, Masako
PSYC 3709 P : Language Proc. & the Brain Fall Hirotani, Masako
PSYC 3801 B: Organizational Psychology II Winter O’Keefe, Damian
PSYC 3802 B : Transition to Career Winter Mantler, Janet
PSYC 3805 A : Organizational Seminar Fall-Winter Dupre, Kathryne
PSYC 3901 A : Community Psychology Practicum Fall Pozzulo, Joanna
PSYC 3902 A : Community Psychology Practicum Winter Pozzulo, Joanna

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