Join the Alternative Spring Break program’s trip to Guatemala!

Students will have the opportunity to learn about free, fair and direct trade while picking coffee alongside local farmers in Guatemala. Partnering with Operation Groundswell, participants will travel across Guatemala and learn about the impact the coffee industry has on climate change and the supply chain. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to engage with local Indigenous communities and learn about the impact the coffee industry has had on their community and ancestral lands.


Prices to be confirmed by October 15th. Estimated cost $3,400.

A Typical Day in Guatemala

7:00 AM Breakfast at Accommodation
9:00 AM Work In a Coffee Field
12:00 PM Lunch in the Community
1:00 PM Explore Local Market
4:00 PM Guided Hike with a Local Expert
7:00 PM Reflection and downtime
10:00 PM Sleep and prepare for the following day


Students will be travelling throughout Guatemala during this experience. Accommodations may include hostels, guesthouses and homestays.

*Note: The above is not a final itinerary, activities listed are not guaranteed to occur as described or in the sequence outlined.