Carleton departments, offices, sports teams and student clubs, societies or organizations can get involved in the community through Campus to Community Days.

Campus to Community Days for Campus Groups

Campus to Community Days are 3-4 hour service work sessions with community partners. Community partners interact with many social issues including poverty, homelessness, food security, sustainability, youth, women’s services, health and education. Submit our Campus Partner Request Form to request Campus to Community Day for your group.

Benefits of Partnering

There are many benefits to participating in a Campus to Community Day as a campus group, including:

  •   The opportunity to work as a team and build skills together.
  •   The opportunity to engage in a social issue that is important to you.
  •   A chance to to get involved in a meaningful off-campus setting.
  •   A short, one-time commitment.
  •   A private event for only your group to participate in.
  •   A minimum planning commitment, as the Community Outreach Coordinator will plan this on your behalf.

Team-Building and Community Service-Learning

Campus to Community follows a model of community service-learning, which encourages mutual support and respect from community partners and participants. Community service-learning can support your team-building efforts by:

  •   Giving your team the opportunity to work together for a common goal.
  •   Creating a sense of achievement as a group.
  •   Experiencing first-hand the impact your group can make in the community.
  •   Providing a structured break from your daily routine.
  •   Engaging your group in the diverse community surrounding campus.
  •   Raising awareness for your group.

Complete our Campus Partner Request Form to submit a request for a Campus to Community Day.