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Academic Orientation is free and mandatory for all new undergraduate students! AOD takes place on the day before classes start (TBD). Academic Orientation varies significantly from Summer Orientation. The information provided during AOD is specific to each student’s faculty and department, and is a great way to prepare for their academic career, as well as meet professors and peers in their program.

Academic Orientation Day Activities:

T-shirt Distribution

Start the day off by picking up your faculty-specific t-shirt. Now it’s easy to spot the students who belong to the same faculty as you. Get to know them – they will be an important part of your academic career!

Faculty & Degree Program Orientation and Departmental Open Houses

You will also get the chance to learn the ins-and-outs and who’s-who of your faculty from instructors and senior students during faculty orientation.  As well, you will attend departmental open houses to find out more about your courses and classrooms. You can also meet your departmental administrators and instructors!

Faculty Lunch

Each faculty will host a lunch, which will serve as a great opportunity to meet professors and students in your faculty!

Expo Carleton

Expo Carleton is an exciting, inclusive and experiential event that benefits both incoming students and Carleton’s clubs, societies and campus services.  This event is a great opportunity to showcase what the university has to offer students as well as promote school spirit and involvement.

2016 Schedules 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Enriched Support Program

Music (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music)

Faculty of Public Affairs

Bachelor of Global and International Studies

Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Faculty of Science

Sprott School of Business

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