Bachelor of Social Work Students Society

The Bachelor of Social Work Student Society (BSWSS) is a student organization led by, comprised of, and accountable to undergraduate students in the School of Social Work at Carleton. The BSWSS is the main collective voice of the BSW student body, and all undergraduates in the SSW are members of the society. One of the primary functions of the BSWSS is to choose representatives to serve as members of the various committees of the School so that the student body has input into the deliberations regarding BSW program policies and decisions. The BSWSS also plays an important social role in connecting undergraduate students through various educational and social activities.

The major objectives of the BSWSS are:

  • To represent the interests of BSW students in the functioning of the SSW; to advocate for the student body;
  • To initiate educational opportunities of interest to the students that are not covered directly in the academic curriculum of the SSW;
  • To work towards developing a sense of community among the students with particular attention to incoming students;
  • To promote respect and create a safer environment in the SSW;
  • To continue to work toward social justice within the student body and Bachelor of Social Work program;
  • To create an environment of support and collegiality among the students and to have some fun!

2020-21 BSWSS Executive 

Tina White 


Angela Austria 


Adam Farhat 


Katie Mumford 

Vice-President, Student Engagement 


Vice-President, Outreach and Fundraising 

Charissa Cheyne-Mahoney 

First-Year Representative 


Second-Year Representative 

Sharah Mar-Kaminsky 

Third-Year Representative 

Quinn Rivier-Gatt 

Fourth-Year Representative