What is the Academic Audit?

The academic audit at first glance can seem overwhelming to read and comprehend, but in learning how to read your audit and understand its structure, it is essentially a “road map” to your degree!

The audit is an extremely helpful interactive tool in determining your academic path. Student’s can view their audit 24/7 via Carleton Central or Carleton 360.

How do I read my audit?

Your audit will show your degree requirements found below the graphs seen at the top of the page,

Students can see information about:

  • Program requirements, specific major courses, electives and other degree requirements that are needed in your degree to be eligible to graduate.
  • Year Standing (based on the number of credits you have completed successfully that are being applied to your degree),
  • Title of your program,
  • Student ID,
  • Academic Continuation Evaluation (ACE) decisions, and
  • Total number of currently completed credits (counting toward the degree).

Audit Breakdown – Reading Your Audit and Degree Requirements

The audit is broken down into three main sections (plus one possible additional section) for BSW:

How Do Transfer Credits Appear on the Audit?