Welcome to the Carleton School of Social Work

The School of Social has unique characteristics and connections to the broad world of social work practice, research and social engagement. To find out how the School understands the depth and range of this vocation please take a look at our aspirations and goals, our mission statement, and also our statement concerning educational equity.

Carleton University’s School of Social is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Social Work Education (CASWE). Accredited through CASWE, our school has its own model of governance with academic and student participation that operates within the University as a whole, as outlined here.

Our undergraduate program provides you with an opportunity to explore a wide range of social work interventions with individuals, families, groups, communities and also with social policy. The program includes courses that support you in the development of a broad understanding of society. This program also includes courses that focus on particular forces of oppression and their impact on vulnerable communities and individuals.

Our graduate program offers three different degrees. The foundation (2 year) MSW is open to those who have an undergraduate degree but who are new to Social Work as a profession. The advanced year MSW program provides students with a BSW an opportunity to develop advanced skills in clinical practice, policy and/or research. Our PhD program focuses on social work education, practice, social welfare and social justice, and is designed to support scholarship that redresses social inequity and advances social justice.

We have an active research program at the School of Social Work that explores a range of issues and themes related to social work practice, policy, and education. Some of our current projects address:

The School of Social Work has its own admission process, one that looks at the whole applicant, not just GPA scores. Our administrative staff are ready to help you every step of the way from your enrolment to the successful completion of your chosen degree. Similarly, the university has an extensive program to assist you with issues of financial support, bursaries and grants. Our program staff are here to help you navigate your chosen route through any of our School’s programs.

Social work is a discipline and a practice, and this is why a fundamental component of our program is the Practicum. Students at our school have the opportunity to engage in social work practicums that advance their acquisition of skills. We assist each student in the completion of a practicum because it provides an invaluable opportunity to learn the practice of social work from established professionals in the field.

Graduates from our School are pushing at the frontiers of social work in Canada and beyond. We would like to share some examples with you because their stories might assist in imagining the type of social work you would like to do.

If you are thinking about Social Work as a career and Carleton University as a destination, here are some things that will certainly help you decide if our school is the right one for you. Let’s begin with the essential requirements for registering at the School of Social Work.

In addition, on the main Carleton University website, you will find additional information about Carleton University and Ottawa as a unique place to study and live.

If you are already enrolled as a student in the School of Social Work, you know exactly what you are looking for and you can skip directly to information on your specific program or the practicum. We also have a virtual library where you can search for the specific item you are looking for.

Thank you for your interest in the School of Social Work.

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