Field Supervisors’ Hub

Welcome to the Field Supervisors’ Hub at the School of Social Work, Carleton University; a roadmap to existing online resources designed to support the field supervision practice of social workers and other professionals who supervise social work students during their placements.

This Hub has been developed as a means of providing you with efficient access to existing field supervision resources. It will point you in the direction of literature, training, videos and podcasts that are freely available online in the public domain and that do not require library access.

The resources included in this Hub are not our own, and any appreciate of them is due to their authors and creators, all of whom we thank for providing open access on the internet. With time, these resources may change or be moved, and/or you may be aware of a new resource and wish to add it to this directory. If you find that a link is broken, or you would like to share a resource to be included in the Hub, please contact

Our findings consist of three pillars:

Beginning with Literature, you will find a bibliography of field literature organized by various topics such as learning styles, diversity and general practice skills and assessment.

Training, Videos and Podcasts, covers best practices for supervision, trauma-informed supervision, and tips for having difficult conversations. Here you will find videos of roleplays demonstrating different student-supervisor dynamics.

Comprehensive resources include guides and manuals offering a wide array of useful information.

Thanks for visiting the Field Supervisor’s Hub. If you know of other resources you feel should be included, please let us know. The School of Social Work hopes you find this platform helpful.

We hope that you enjoy exploring this material to support your work with social work students on placement.