Social Work Graduate Student Collective

The Social Work Graduate Student Collective is a great opportunity to become actively involved in your campus community as representatives of the student voice and as advocates for change in our development and learning. As a collective we aim to meet monthly to share reports and updates, develop new initiatives and conferences, and provide support for important causes. As the Social Work Graduate Student Collective, we have opportunities to have genuine discussions regarding matters that are most important to us as students of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. Members of the SOWK GSC also participate in various university and departmental committees to ensure our collective voices are heard.

This term a collaborative group decision was made to organize using the Microsoft Teams platform. This will support the opportunity for everyone to participate in an interactive forum. The platform will be used for various matters such as: group meetings, student program sponsorships, funding allocation and voting, and so much more. We understand and appreciate the challenges associated with being a student especially during these strange and unsettling times. It may be difficult to manage personal and professional lives while coping with the impacts of COVID-19. This forum is a new opportunity to encourage and invite active participation by students who have demanding schedules who may not be able to accommodate regular meetings.

Our objectives include:

  • Represents the collective interests and promotes the general welfare of graduate students of social work at Carleton University.
  • Promotes and maintains communication between the graduate students and other student associations, the School of Social Work, the university administration, and the larger community.
  • Aids individual graduate students with specific problems related to the university community.
  • Acts to stimulate social, intellectual, and political contact among graduate students.


2021-22 Social Work Graduate Student Collective Co-Chair Bios

Carmen Chase (she/her) BSW McGill, B.Ed  University of Ottawa
During the 2021-2022 academic year I will be studying in the one-year MSW program. I am interested in how the legacy of intergenerational trauma, and conversely, how community mental health support and anti-racist approaches impact the success outcomes of (vulnerable) youth. After years of teaching, I chose to return to Social Work because I wanted to focus my energy on socio-emotional support of youth, and less on academics. Structural Social Work resonates with me because of the way it frames oppression as being experienced at the personal, cultural and structural levels. Over the course of the year, I am looking forward to making new connections and learning from others’ experiences and perspectives. Through my participation as co-chair in the Social Work GSC, I hope to encourage fellow students in their chosen field of study by facilitating ways for them to shape and actively contribute to their educational experience at Carleton. Ideally, the GSC will be able to offer student support and advocacy, meaningful professional development opportunities, and fun social events. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Emily Davison (she/her) BAH Psychology & Sexuality Studies Carleton
In fall 2021, I will be starting my MSW in the two-year Foundation program. I chose this program because I am interested in how people experience, understand, and respond to challenges and transitions in their lives. Carleton’s structural approach will allow me to think more critically about the nuances of social location and how different structures shape our experiences. Over the next two years, I am excited to connect with my peers. As a GSC co-chair, I look forward to learning about other students’ interests, identifying existing needs, and collaborating with others to ensure students have opportunities to thrive individually and collectively. More specifically, I hope to organize diverse social, academic, and professional development events. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Molly McGovern (she/her) BAH Gerontology & Visual Arts St. Thomas University
In September 2021, I am beginning my first year of the 2-year MSW program. I am interested in issues related to aging, dementia, and long-term care. During my studies, I would also like to explore the nuances of palliative experiences and bereavement. I chose to pursue my MSW at Carleton because I am interested in the structural approach as a mechanism to support the individual while simultaneously upholding a larger reflection of the political and institutional influence on social equity. Outside of school, I enjoy doing creative projects like drawing, painting, and collage making. I joined the Social Work Graduate Collective in hopes of connecting our cohort with meaningful and purposeful supports that will add to our grad student experience. Alongside the other Co-chairs, I hope to co-organize events that will open space for us to build relationships with one another throughout our time in the program and as we transition into our respective careers.