The Bachelor of Social Work (20.0 Credit) Honours Degree Program

In order to graduate from the BSW program, students must complete 20.0 credits, this generally includes 10.5 credits in the Social Work Major and 9.5 credits outside the Major (i.e. elective requirements). In addition to requiring the 20.0 credits for graduation, students must also be meeting CGPA requirements for continuing in the program, practicum and graduation. Please see the CGPA Information page for more details on these requirements.

The information below outlines the 20.0 credits that students must complete in order to graduate from the BSW degree, as indicated in the Undergraduate Calendar. Your degree requirements will be reflected on your academic audit. Information on how to read your academic audit for BSW can be found on the BSW Academic Audit page.

Information about when you should take specific courses throughout your degree can be found on the BSW Registration, Course Load, Degree Planning page. After reviewing available information on our website for degree requirements, course sequencing and reading your audit, if BSW students have any further questions you are welcome to contact the Undergraduate Administrator for support with academic advising.

10.5 credits total in the Major SOWK, which appears on the academic audit as BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK MAJOR REQUIREMENTS including:

9.5 credits in Elective Requirements, which appears on the academic audit as CREDITS NOT INCLUDED IN THE MAJOR CGPA including: