Welcome to the Practicum Hub!

Information outlined in this section contains all of the necessary forms, policies and any information a student in the School of Social Work needs for their practicums.

The School of Social Work Practicum Team consist of two Practicum Coordinators and a Practicum Administrator. They are responsible for all aspects of practicum and place upwards of 300 students per year in placements.

Emi Koyanagi
BSW Practicum Coordinator
Email: emi.koyanagi@carleton.ca

Jaime Lenet
Interim MSW Practicum Coordinator
Email: jaime.lenet@carleton.ca

A photo of Megan Stansel
Megan Stansel
Practicum Administrator
Telephone: 613-520-2600 ext. 1826
Email: SSW.Practicum.Admin@carleton.ca

A photo of Allison Everett

Allison Everett
(On sabbatical Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2024)
MSW Practicum Coordinator
Email: allison.everett@carleton.ca