Is your MSW offered online or at a distance?
No, our MSW is not offered online. Students will need to attend in person and the majority of classes are held during daytime hours.

Is the MSW offered on a part-time basis?
We may admit approximately 3 students on a part-time basis each fall, thus making it even more competitive than applying for the full-time MSW.

Can I apply for entry into the MSW in the Winter or Summer terms?
No, the fall term is the only term of admission.

Will you accept late applications for the MSW?
No, late applications are not accepted by the School of Social Work. Please ensure you allow yourself enough time to upload the required documents by the December 1st deadline.

Will you accept advanced standing for previous graduate-level courses?
The School of Social Work will not grant advanced standing for course work completed prior to entry to the MSW.

How competitive is admission to the MSW?
Each year we accept approximately twenty-five students into each MSW program.  We generally receive approximately 120 applications for the two year MSW program, and approximately 80 for the one year MSW.

Can I apply to both MSW programs to increase my chances?
Applicants are only eligible to apply to one program.  If you have an accredited Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), then you apply to our one year MSW.  If you have a four year undergraduate degree, apply to our two year MSW program.

I do not have the recommended amount of hours of social work-related work experience. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can still go ahead and apply. Your social work-related experience will be evaluated for quantity as well as the quality of experience. Admission decisions are always based on the strength of your overall application versus the rest of the applicant pool.

What is considered social work-related experience?
Applicants are welcome to consider any experience they feel is related to social work.  The Admissions Committee will evaluate that experience and score it on quality and quantity of experience.

I’m not sure if my application is strong enough to apply.  What should I do?
1.  Apply and see what happens.  All applications are given full consideration, regardless of grades and experience. Applicants to our two year MSW program are asked if they wish to be considered for admission to the 3rd year of our BSW if they do not get an offer of admission to our MSW.  If admitted to our BSW with 3rd year standing, the degree could be completed within two years, and you would be eligible to apply to the one year MSW.
2. Raise your grades, and/or get more social work related experience before you apply.  The quickest way to raise your grades is by repeating courses with low grades within last 10 credits, and getting a higher grade.
3. Apply to multiple MSW programs in order to increase your chances of getting an offer of admission.

How much will it cost to attend the MSW?
Cost and Fees are outlined

Do you have a list of approved Research Methods and/or Statistics courses?
We do not keep a list of approved courses because there are too many to evaluate. Generally speaking – if you took a university course with “Research Methods or Qualitative” or “Statistics or Quantitative” in the titles, then there is a good chance the course would meet the requirements.

If you need to take a Research Methods or Statistics course, consider taking Carleton’s SOWK 3001 – Intro to Research Methods in Social Work or SOWK 3002 – Intro to Statistical Analysis in Social Work. They are usually offered online as well as in-class.

If you are not a Carleton student already, you’ll need to become one in order to register. Visit the Registrars Office.

I did my degree outside of Canada, how can I tell if I am eligible to apply?
Please refer to the guidelines for minimum admission requirements of relevant country.