What is the CGPA? What is Required? 

The following information provides students with an overview of important academic requirements for the Bachelor of Social Work program as you prepare to head into your studies at Carleton. It is important that you are aware of the program requirements in your degree so that you can work to progress through your studies and be successful in completing your BSW.

These programs requirements are evaluated based on your CGPA. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average, and students will receive CGPA calculations for both their Overall academic progress, and Major academic progress which is reflected on your academic audit. These are referred to as the:

  • Overall CGPA (the calculation of the grades points from your major and elective courses counting towards your degree); and the
  • Major CGPA (the calculation of the grades points from your major SOWK courses).

Students can also see information on this webpage about how to calculate your CGPA.

What Should I Know About My Program and My CGPA?

There are three areas for academic requirements based on your CGPA that are important for you to be aware of as you continue in the BSW program and these include:

It is important to note that as long as students are aiming for and receiving the CGPA requirements for graduation throughout their degree, then they would not need to be concerned about receiving an ACE decision of Academic Warning or Required to Withdraw for two Terms.

How Do I Calculate my CGPA?

Letter Grades

Carleton University uses the twelve-point system of letter grades to represent standing in undergraduate courses. The letter grades used and the grade point equivalents are:

12 A+ 90-100%  6  C+ 67-69%
11 A 85-89% 5 C 63-66%
10 A- 80-84% 4 C- 60-62%
9 B+ 77-79% 3 D+ 57-59%
8 B 73-76% 2 D 53-56%
7 B- 70-72% 1 D- 50-52%

Calculate your GPA

  • STEP 1:  List all of the courses you’ve attempted, the corresponding credit values (0.5 credit or 1.0 credit), and your final grades
  • STEP 2:  Record the grade points earned for each course and add them up. Remember 0.5 credit courses are worth half of the point value (i.e. B+ are 9.00 points for a 1.0 credit, but 4.50 points for 0.5 credit course).
  • STEP 3:  Add up the number of credits that you’ve taken
  • STEP 4:  Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credits
  • Note: courses listed as SAT or PASS  do not count in your GPA calculation. Courses that are listed as F are worth 0 and are calculated in your GPA.



Final   Grade

Credit value

Corresponding  grade point

SOWK 1002 B+ 0.5 4.5
PSYC 1002 B- 0.5 3.5
BIOL 1902 A- 0.5 5.0
SOCI 1002 B 0.5 4.0
DBST 1001 B+ 0.5 4.5
Total credits: 2.5 Total grade pts: 21.5
Overall CGPA 21.5/2.5 = 8.6
  8.6 is a high B