Practicum Evaluation Information

During your placement, there are a variety of requirements that must be completed. The information posted below outlines specific information around the the written components and evaluations that are required during Placement.

Research Activities involving Human Participants

If a student’s learning contract includes research activities involving human participants (i.e. interviews, focus groups, etc.), it is imperative that the student receive ethics clearance before engaging in this work.  In order to receive ethics clearance, students must first notify their Faculty Liaison of their intentions to carry out research.  The Faculty Liaison, in conversation with the Practicum Coordinator, will assess the feasibility of the research. The ethics forms can be found here Please note that the ethics approval process will require their Faculty Liaison’s signature of approval and that the process takes 1-2 months.

If, as part of their placement experience, students engage in consultations with client groups and/or draft reports for the organization, these activities do not require ethics clearance. Any final reports, infographics etc. will be the property of the organization.  It is expected that a student’s contributions to the development of any materials will be acknowledged by the organization.