Sarah Todd, Director, School of Social Work. An introduction to the importance of research in the field.


Faculty and students at the School of Social Work engage in a wide range of research. Some of our faculty and students primarily research issues related to clinical social work such as trauma, psychotherapy, addictions, clinical supervision, resilience and child and youth mental health. Others are focusing on Indigenous knowledge, ageing, caring labour, migration and resettlement. A number of our faculty and students carry out research into areas of health and well-being, including long-term care, community support for end of life; loss and bereavement. While others focus their research on social welfare policy, feminist political economy and social work education.

A number of people at the School of Social Work also work with innovative research methodologies, including simulation, arts-based research methods, rapid ethnography and GIS mapping.

Our faculty and students are also actively involved in research projects in cooperation with local social service agencies, professional organizations, and community-based organizations.

Join us and explore some of our latest research projects.

SIM Research Lab

Centre for Studies on Poverty and Social Citizenship (CSPSC)

Healthy End Of Life Project (HELP) Ottawa

Research Archives

Art Installation by Claudia Salguero at the School of Social Work, Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario.