Why Social Work?

Social work is an academic discipline and a practice-based profession strongly committed to social change and social justice. Social workers practise with individuals, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being.

Professional social workers are employed in community-based organizations and within health, education, child welfare, immigration and justice systems. Social work’s unique contribution is that social workers consider the links between people’s individual problems and broad social issues, including, but not limited to, poverty, racism, colonialism, ableism, cisnormativity and heterosexism.

Social work is a profession deeply committed to all people’s dignity and worth and the importance of human relations. Social workers draw on different ways of knowing in their work, including theories, models, approaches, values and skills. They work collaboratively with individuals, families and groups, believing that the people with whom they work contribute their own expertise to solve their problems.

To find out more about what social workers do, visit the Canadian Association of Social Worker Website.

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